Our Program

The St. Louis Polo Academy provides its members with an introduction to the sport of Polo and offers a limited number of horse boarding stalls.

Members are encouraged to also join the St. Louis Polo Club which holds weekly practices and several featured events in the St. Louis area.

Whether you are new to the equestrian world or a seasoned pro in another discipline, we encourage you to apply and experience the sport of Polo.

Located in Huntleigh, MO

The St. Louis Polo Academy is a Private Club for equestrian enthusiasts and aspiring Polo Players.

We're located in Huntleigh Missouri, between Kirkwood and Frontenac - 10 minutes from downtown Clayton.

  • St. Louis Polo Club

    Established in 1883, St. Louis Polo Club is the second oldest existing club in the United States.  Although the  early history of the club is unknown, once introduced polo quickly became an important activity in the area

    Today St. Louis Polo continues to host numerous charity events each year and practice games through out the season.

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  • National Youth Tournament Series

    The NYTS program was established to provide youth players the opportunity to compete with and against their peers in USPA outdoor tournaments.

    At each qualifier, All-Stars are selected by an appointed committee based on their horsemanship, sportsmanship, playing ability at their current handicap and ability to play as a member of a team. All-Stars are then eligible to be selected to advance to the National Championship.

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  • United States Polo Association

    The Association has been organized and exists for the purposes of promoting the game of polo with an overarching goal of improving the sport, coordinating the activities of its Member Clubs and Registered Players (as defined below), arranging, allocating, and supervising polo tournaments, competitions, and games and providing rules, handicaps, and conditions for those tournaments, competitions, and games, including the safety and welfare of participants and mounts.

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